Suzi Got Her Lips Tattoed


Why did Suzi get her lips tattooed? “To make them look bigger.”  That’s the answer found in this powerful play by Sandra Jensen-Kabayama, Brenda McFarlane and company, and directed with a razor-sharp edge by Brenda McFarlane.  The real reason?  To please men.

Performed by one of the strongest ensemble casts I’ve seen in years, Suzy delineated the confusion between what women want (respect?) and what men think they want (to get laid?).  Seems alternated between the witty (Barbie’s Boudoir) and the ironic (women are so fucked up) and the wildly funny (Lilith – wherein the real first woman explains why Adam preferred to be on top) to the harrowingly dramatic (I Should Go – an exposé of date rape).

The action was observed by justifiably angry woman (Jensen-Kabayama) who pounded and kicked on a weighted punching bag.  Her anger was evident and appropriate (“Why should I have to spend $3000 to have my tits sliced up?”), but never didactic.

It would be unfair to single out any one performance over another.  I will simply state, this is excellent theater.  Kudos all around.

George Olds, Xtra.

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